Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Made: Framing

Isn't it cute...

             On the wall :) I cant stop staring at them..

            This little loner needs company.. Planned for next Wednesday (Fingers Crossed).. and yes thats newspaper in the background :)

             Rustic Photo Nook.. Tis corner is pretty hidden away.. i like to think of them as 
                 art.... ;)   hmmmmm

         On top of the Tv., It supposed to be a focal point but its small enough that its
                   not over powering..

         These are its companions in a lighter background  

Its actually super easy..
Start with rustic gold paper (or any paper of your choice) and adhere it to a wooden plank or really thick hardboard like i have done here, with adhesive spray..

Next, use double sided tape to stick ribbon or a border of your choice..

Should look like tis..

The black borders are a bit different.. I've used bamboo sticks painted in black.. they're actually from up-cycled place mats :)

and then i created a design wit a metallic glue... (actually think i might paint over this in gold... mmm)
Finally i painted a flowery design inside wit gold glitter glue :) see super easy right.. 

              Hope you like it...

Please let me know what you think :) Does it look tooo home made (if there is such a thing) and i would love to see your ideas too..

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