Sunday, October 2, 2011

Too Sad...

Its so incredibly sad, I think our Beautiful Silver Arowana Fish is dying. And I think it's my fault..
Don't really feel like doin' anything now.. I cant bear to see him suffering but I don't no what I can do for him.

 The most amazing part is that his two companions in his home don't seem to comprehend whats happening. This is the second time its happening. Our Pearl Arowana went through the same problems and died. They just roll around at the bottom of the tank and keep bumping on the floor. They turn upside down and try so hard to get back on their 'feet'.

Oh how i wish i wish i can pull him up and save him.

Happier times 

Its so incredibly sad.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Made: Framing

Isn't it cute...

             On the wall :) I cant stop staring at them..

            This little loner needs company.. Planned for next Wednesday (Fingers Crossed).. and yes thats newspaper in the background :)

             Rustic Photo Nook.. Tis corner is pretty hidden away.. i like to think of them as 
                 art.... ;)   hmmmmm

         On top of the Tv., It supposed to be a focal point but its small enough that its
                   not over powering..

         These are its companions in a lighter background  

Its actually super easy..
Start with rustic gold paper (or any paper of your choice) and adhere it to a wooden plank or really thick hardboard like i have done here, with adhesive spray..

Next, use double sided tape to stick ribbon or a border of your choice..

Should look like tis..

The black borders are a bit different.. I've used bamboo sticks painted in black.. they're actually from up-cycled place mats :)

and then i created a design wit a metallic glue... (actually think i might paint over this in gold... mmm)
Finally i painted a flowery design inside wit gold glitter glue :) see super easy right.. 

              Hope you like it...

Please let me know what you think :) Does it look tooo home made (if there is such a thing) and i would love to see your ideas too..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hooked on chains

Pretty Hanging Chains

      Hmm took a longg while but... I might finally start wearing my precious little pretties now.. 
      Such a difference from how they were treated before! 
Remember this ;) 

Well 1 down, only 5 more baskets to go.. i'm trying my hardest to reduce it to 3 :) but its sooooo hard..
Are your jewels stuck in a rut? Have you Changed your entire dressing style just by changing the way you store your lovely stuff??
Please do Let me know, I would love to see your ideas :) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help! the 'entangled necklace monsters' are after me


Nothin about everything, everything about nothin!

Ever feel like no one ever ever listens to what you have to say even when you know it probably has a tiny bit of value/wisdom/truth to it and might actually help the person your trying to talk to... 
Happens to me on a minutely basis,

Apparently, being a housewife automatically disqualifies even a graduate from having a legitimate opinion because all we know about life is to keep our floors clean right! 

Well fortunately, unlike my fore-mothers before me, I live in a technologically advance enough world that I may have a voice.. in blog form.. even if no ones listening to me ;)

Excluding the porshe-ster of course.. She thinks i'm super smart..
poor silly porshey...